Alexander Potoczak’s Sports Site

Welcome to my site! My name is Alexander Potoczak, and I am currently a freshman in college at a university in Illinois. I have always been fascinated with sports; in particular, football and basketball. I love watching the dynamics between players on the team when they are out on the field or court. But besides the team dynamics, I also like to observe how players deal with pressure, especially in do-or-die games where the whole season rides on the last few plays. It is during these games when it gets really intense, and fans like myself feel the intensity and pressure too—maybe even more than the players and coaches themselves.

I am thinking about joining the sports industry someday; maybe not as a professional athlete, but as a reporter, analyst, or journalist. This is why I decided to create this website. I may be a late bloomer in terms of focus, especially since I have never been a member of any varsity team, not even in high school, but I know what I want and sports is what I’m passionate about.

My only experience playing team sports in any organized capacity was as a part of a Little League baseball team. After that, it was just shooting hoops in pickup games with my friends. Watching from the sidelines offers its own unique experiences. Never have I seen strangers coming together in large numbers in support of something they love and believe in. Strangers suddenly become comrades as they root for their team and favorite players. This is the other side of sports dynamics that you get to enjoy—from the bleachers.

And as I watch from the sidelines, I imagine giving a blow by blow account of what is happening in real time to a live audience or to fans tuned in from their homes. Or sometimes, I would imagine how I would write the highlights of the game; thinking about words that could appropriately convey the intensity of the game. And then I got to thinking, why not create a website where I can practice sports writing? So here I am!

In the coming days, I will be posting sports news and insights on my News and Blog pages here. I hope to see you here again to read what I’ve shared. I would also appreciate any inputs that can help me make this site more interesting for all my guests and readers.